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About the new CD Water On Stone

A heart opening, rhythmic romp fueled with stories of meeting today’s challenges and inspirationally rising above. Folsom’s vocals go from vulnerable and soothing to fully engaged rock and roll wailing. The radio friendly “No Reason” is a catchy little slam fest about finding ones own place in the world and having something to smile about. “World Moves” the only Ballad on the disc has more layers of sound and reaches a zenith reminiscent of old stadium rock ballads. When Folsom bust’s her chops, the word impressive should be bantered about. Particularly gutsy is her version of Grace Slick’s “White Rabbit” a hidden track as the CD’s closer. This is her 6th CD, recorded in CO with her live band, Christian Teele, Chris Engleman, Eric Moon, and Chris Malley who co-wrote a number of the songs. The band has been playing together for years and delivers an effortless synchronicity with a deep rhythmic pocket that at the same time is light on it’s feet. Melodies soar, harmonies weave and ascend, lyrically inspiring, and rooted in steady groove, Water On Stone is a CD you want to play over and over again, simply because it makes you feel good.

About Rebecca

I was born and raised in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado with the Rocky Mountains in my backyard, and a big city out front. I still love the mountains and I enjoy visiting cities. My number one passion since Elementary School has been music and singing; although I thought about writing and illustrating children's books for a while. I used to sing my sister to sleep every night from the bottom bunk.

Carol King was one of my first influences. My parents listened to a lot of James Taylor and Elton John. My very first album was the Beatles "Revolver". I liked the artwork on the cover as well as the music. My first concert was Earth, Wind, and Fire. I started my own music collection with Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, The Band, etc....I liked the older, more acoustic stuff. The best concert I ever went to, hands down, was Bob Marley’s "Babylon By Bus" Tour.

I started writing my own music at age 13 and began performing my songs at school events and talent contests. After a few twists and turns I dropped out of high school, and put music on the back burner. I got my GED early and went on to art school with a focus in painting and drawing. I graduated with a mixed focus of painting and performance art. My BFA was done swinging from the rafters of the University Gallery in a graduation gown made of bright blue and purple feathers, while singing a song about being a Phi Beta Kappa. I believe "Gold Star Girl" was the name of the song.

I returned to singing after a month long trip to Egypt where I experienced toning and chanting in the temples and great pyramids. I was deeply moved by that part of the world and I came home with a renewed desire to sing through everything.

The CD "Welcome Home" was very much inspired by this trip. The artwork was created on Papyruses brought back from Egypt, with a focus on the singing, dancing, flying and empowered woman.

The second CD "Many Miles" was inspired by years of singing at every gig imaginable. Dank smoky clubs, awesome smoky clubs, private parties, people's homes, coffee houses, barn dances, etc. There were many great experiences, some that were deeply satisfying and quite a few that were high on adventure and I am thrilled to have survived.

The third CD "Across the Sky", marks a new era of listening concerts, listening rooms, festivals and concerts. This album is inspired by a number of things, but two of the strongest are a vision quest while out in the wilderness for a few days, and the loss of a very dear friend to cancer. This is an album about letting go, the freedom inherent in that release, and the wisdom of uncertainty. It's always good to remember we have to give it all back in the end; to enjoy and savor what is present, and certainly not to forget to laugh at the folly.

After releasing Ruby, Live at Velvet (2002) and Shine (2004), I took a couple of months off. The plan was to have some down time, with no aim whatsoever. A bigger challenge than you might think! I ended up writing every day, casually laying down thoughts amidst the chatter at a bohemian coffee shop. I thought I was simply writing for myself and after I filled 10 journals with "the poem du jour" it became clear there were two poetry books to be published, Sliver and Your Life Is A Masterpiece. We released them in February of 2008, and they have been such a surprise and delight in the way that the poems have connected with audiences. It feels like I have had very little to do with it, because my grip on their creation has been so loose, and I didn't plan their arrival or seek their meeting with the public. The poems have offered a beautiful depth to the solo singing/reading performances. They have been a real gift in letting go of mind and moving to the heart.

From here, I moved into performing quite a bit with Celeste Krenz and Liz Barnez starting in the summer of 2006 through 2007, and we founded the group The Wild Yams that then turned into the Faces of Eve. Our dear Lizzy decided she wanted to focus on her own solo career, so Celeste and I redefined our sound with a backing band and are now The Faces of Eve with a Band. Due to working with the gals and being in Nashville all the time, my sweetie, Roger and I bought a house near Five Points in East Nashville in late 2007. It is the coolest little vintage cottage on a beautiful tree filled lot. I am so lucky, my friends Leslie and Mike Tripp rented the house and I have a room for whenever I come to town. They have the sweetest little dog that I get to live with out there called Begniet. Now, if you understand the lifestyle of a traveling musician you can then understand how totally cool it is to have a pet at home. Years ago I decided not to have pets anymore because it wasn't fair to them how much I was gone. Now I have wonderful Begniet, and last time out in Nashville, Leslie and I wrote a song for him called Hooray Begniet! It will be our biggest Nashville hit I swear it!

Late 2007 I put a prayer out to the universe to please connect me with a great Manager and Booking agent so I could spend less time on the phone and computer and more time being an artist. Well, within a week I was hooked up with Donald Davidoff and Mary Ray of Blue Heron Artists and off we have flown. So they are the new team for my work and for Faces of Eve, and everything is flourishing. I am yet again amazed and so grateful for their kindness, their help, and the total beauty of who they.

In Spring of 2008 we released the new CD called Water On Stone. Here is what I love about this new project. This CD is performed solely by The Rebecca Folsom band made up of Chris Malley, Chris Engleman, Christian Teele, and Eric Moon. These guys are not only great players, but great people to be with. And life is so exquisitely short, you gotta hang with good people. The music feels so easy and authentic due to our working band laying it down the way we do it live. I am so thankful for all of these great guys!

On the horizon, Celeste and I as the Faces of Eve have just been offered a publishing deal with Terra Nova publishing, and we are working on a Record Deal with HIGH HORSE records out of Nashville, TN. We are recording another new CD to be released this summer. It is such a delight to work with Celeste with all her fire and passion, and then add in all my fire and passion, whew... it's like a wildfire!!! So many great songs are being co-written, recorded, and performed. Our harmonies have been described as a magical ambrosia blend, trancelike, and that you can't get enough. We will be touring the new CD in the Fall. You can go to our website to check out more of what we are doing.

With all the details to be attended to, I find it so soothing to get out and walk in nature as much as I can. Good to remember how large the scope of life really is, and to connect with beauty in any way possible. It seems like everyone is moving pretty fast these days, I hope you get all the love you need, along with all the thrilling adventure! Keep your own light shining! Thank you for listening to the music, supporting and loving what we do. Love, Peace, and Happiness for everyone.

 - Rebecca

Weddings and Corporate Events

The Rebecca Folsom Band not only packs a unique blend of vocal magic, versatility and technical expertise, but sparks within that indefinable satisfaction which comes form experiencing something truly special. Rebecca and her band offer a rich palette of covers and originals, which can be specially chosen and mixed for the unique needs and tastes of any occasion, from the most elegant and sophisticated to the most casual or funky. Touted by the Denver Post as "sultry vocalist," Rebecca leads her duo, trio or full band through sets that honor the range of human experience. From jazz, blues, R&B, funk and pop to Latin rock and country, Rebecca and the band weave together performances aimed to please.

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